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Vicious Circle

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Other than maybe “How do you get your story ideas?”, the question I get asked the most is “When is your next book coming out?” It’s a very flattering question, to be sure. It means people like what I do and are excited to read more. Yet creating a book takes time. A year or more, in fact. And when, as is the case with BAD MOON, my latest book has been in stores less than a month, I feel …

The Awesome List No. 2

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Five things that rocked my world this week. Pan Am The ratings for this show seem to be dropping every week, making it as doomed as the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815. Yet I love it all the same. Part workplace drama, espionage thriller, fashion show and travelogue, it’s about four plucky flight attendants and their two pilots as they fly to exotic ports of call rendered in charmingly unconvincing sets and greenscreen backdrops. The cast is likable, the clothes …

Writing With … Rochelle Staab

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I’m thrilled to welcome Rochelle Staab to the blog to help her celebrate the release of her debut mystery, WHO DO, VOODOO? I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with Rochelle at three writers conference now, resulting in much gabbing on the sidewalks and in the hotel lobbies of San Francisco, New York and St. Louis. Rochelle is an award-winning former radio and music industry executive. WHO DO, VOODOO?, the first novel in her Mind for Murder mystery series, features …