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Short-short story contest

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The other day, I was doing a Google search for a topic that I now completely forget. But one of the images Google retrieved was this vintage science fiction cover. It was so cool that I just had to share it. I’m a sucker for octopi. I’m also a sucker for giant man-eating animals. This cover is the best of both worlds. It makes me want to read that story. Heck, it makes me want to write that story. Other people, I …

Exclusive e-book

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Folks who receive my e-mail newsletter got a little bit of information about this on Friday, but today I can share it with everyone. Before BAD MOON comes out, I’ll be releasing a novella about Perry Hollow as an exclusive e-book. The title? VICIOUS CIRCLE. Here’s the plot: Small towns don’t get much smaller than Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania. A charming mix of quaint streets and sprawling fields, it used to be a quiet and uneventful place. Then a serial killer struck, bringing the town unwanted attention and …

Lost Chapter

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Hey folks who have read DEATH NOTICE, this post is for you. If you haven’t read it: First, what are you waiting for? Second, you might want to skip this post, since there are slight spoilers below. (Spoiler line: Cross at your own risk.) OK, if you’re still reading, I assume you’ve also read DEATH NOTICE. And I bet you’re also wondering what really went down in Amber Lefferts’ house before Chief Kat Campbell arrived. If so, you’re in luck. …