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Changing Blogs

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Every writer, it seems, has a blog. It’s one of the first things people do once they become a writer/aspire to be a writer/pretend to be a writer. In theory, it makes sense. Blogs are a way in which writers can promote themselves and their books while showing off their writing prowess. But when every writer has a blog, your digital musings tend to get lost in a teeming jungle of author websites. To paraphrase that age-old question, “If a …

Dodging A Bullet On JetBlue

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No, I wasn’t on Las Vegas-bound JetBlue Flight 191, when the pilot, in the midst of a mental breakdown, tried to storm the cockpit he had been locked out of and needed to be restrained by passengers. I was scheduled to be on that plane’s next flight, with that very same pilot, heading from Las Vegas to New York. Needless to say, it changed our travel plans dramatically. Waiting at the gate for that flight to arrive, the delay went …

Books about Oscar

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I’m going to be blunt: The Oscars are meaningless. Being named Best Picture doesn’t mean a movie is the “best,” nor does it mean that it’s actually any good at all. (I’m looking at you, Crash.) The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences distributes awards based on whatever is popular at the moment, what actor’s “time has come” and how many people Harvey Weinstein rubbed shoulders with at parties sponsored by Vanity Fair. As a result, Oscar history is …

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