Vicious Circle

Other than maybe “How do you get your story ideas?”, the question I get asked the most is “When is your next book coming out?”

It’s a very flattering question, to be sure. It means people like what I do and are excited to read more.

Yet creating a book takes time. A year or more, in fact. And when, as is the case with BAD MOON, my latest book has been in stores less than a month, I feel bad when the answer is, “Not for a while.”

Yet I have some good news for those readers chomping at the bit to read more about Kat Campbell and Perry Hollow. My next book is already out.

Sort of.

It’s called VICIOUS CIRCLE. It’s not a full-length novel. At roughly 70 pages, it’s more of a novella or a very long short story. And it’s also not a book. It’s an eBook, available on the Kindle, the Nook, the iPad and every other reading device you can think of. It’s fun. It’s suspenseful. And I hope it will tide my wonderful readers over until my next full-length work comes out.

Oh, did I mention it’s only 99 cents? In these lean times, that’s a bonus in and of itself.

Here’s the official plot:

Small towns don’t get much smaller than Perry Hollow, Pennsylvania. A charming mix of quaint streets and sprawling fields, it used to be a quiet and uneventful place. Then a serial killer struck, bringing the town unwanted attention and putting the life of its police chief, Kat Campbell, at risk.

Nine months have passed since then, and peace has returned to Perry Hollow. But when a local farmer discovers a crop circle in one of his fields, the town finds itself back in the spotlight. Was the crop circle the work of human hands? Or is something more mysterious — and unearthly — happening in the fields of Perry Hollow?

Reporting to the scene, Kat finds a pair of young farmers in over their heads, neighbors both friend and foe, and a vicious circle of jealousy, lies and backstabbing. And as she gets closer to unraveling the truth, Chief Campbell once again finds herself fighting for her life.

For those of you who haven’t read BAD MOON yet, don’t worry. VICIOUS CIRCLE is a standalone work that can be enjoyed by anyone. And if you haven’t read any of my books, then I think it’s a perfect place to start.


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