Bad Moon Giveaway Part II

It’s time to give away an advance copy of BAD MOON. Last week, I said I was going to put all the names of those who “like” my Facebook page into a hat and draw one at random.

I lied.

I actually put the names into a very large bowl. And all my Facebook friends were not eligible. To be fair to others, I left out family members and people I see on a daily basis. This giveaway was for fans only.

Still, that left a large pile of names to choose from. And the winner is….

Jamie Cotner Moretz!

Congrats, Jamie! You can send me your mailing address at and I’ll send you a copy of BAD MOON.

A big thanks to all of you who were eligible. There’ll be more giveaways soon, so stay tuned.


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4 Responses to Bad Moon Giveaway Part II

  1. Todd

    You’re welcome and congrats! I know you liked DEATH NOTICE, so I hope you enjoy this one as well.

  2. Jamie

    No Way!!!! I can’t wait to read it!! THANK YOU!! (Will send email next…)

  3. Jamie

    Wow! Your book came in the mail yesterday, and it was AMAZING! I could not put it down! EVERYONE SHOULD PRE-ORDER THIS BOOK! I loved the twists and turns. A few times I thought I had it figured out, only to be wrong! Kat and Nick are such vivid characters. In fact, all of your characters seem so real, like I could walk into Perry Hollow Dinner and have a cup of coffee with them! Once again, your imagination is extraordinary! I love that you included authentic locations like Centralia and linking in historical events makes the story all the more intriguing. I can only hope that Kat and Nick have many more stories to share (and soon)!

  4. Todd

    Thank you so much, Jamie. Really, really glad you enjoyed it. (And thanks for encouraging everyone to pre-order it.)