Quick Change

When I started this blog two months ago, my plan was to be very organized about what and when I posted. I wanted a long-form blog post on Mondays, a Wednesdays With questionnaire filled out by other authors on Wednesdays and something fun for Fridays. It was a good idea, and one that might work for some people.

But not for me.

Being a writer takes up an insane amount of time. Especially being a genre writer, where an author’s output is expected to be much greater than that of a literary novelist. Franzen and Eugenides can get away with writing one book every ten years or so. A mystery writer can’t. Lately I’ve been writing my third book while prepping the second one for publication while promoting my first. Add in my day job at The Star-Ledger and I’ve got very little free time. Blogging on such a strict schedule just wasn’t possible.

So after today, I won’t be posting solely on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Instead, I’ll be posting random things on random days. Hopefully, this will result in more content about more subjects. The most obvious change will be that the Wednesdays With feature will be posted on other days, as well, based on the availability of the authors who are participating. It is now called Writing With, and there are some very awesome writers taking part. I think you’re going to love it.

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