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Lisa Unger on BAD MOON

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Authors — especially successful ones — are a generous lot. They want to see others succeed, too. So they’ll offer blurbs to new writers or talk up emerging ones whose work they enjoy. I can’t think of anyone more generous than Lisa Unger, bestselling author of FRAGILE and DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND. She wrote a blurb for my first book, DEATH NOTICE. For BAD MOON, she took it a step further, writing a full review that left me feeling both …

Writing With … Chris Ewan

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Last month while at Bouchercon in St. Louis, I attended a cocktail party hosted by my publisher. I was at a table chatting with several authors I know, but there was one somewhat quiet guy there that I wasn’t familiar with. Not knowing what else to say, I asked, quite stupidly, “So, you’re a writer?” That somewhat quiet guy was Chris Ewan. And yes, he is a writer. A talented, award-winning one, in fact. Chris is the author of THE …

Hitchcock or Disney No. 6

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It’s time for another round of¬†Hitchcock or Disney. I post a quote from a movie and you have to guess who made it, Alfred Hitchcock or Walt Disney. (Bonus points if you guess the name of the movie.) Here is today’s quote: Oh, George, you didn’t jump into the river. How sensible of you! Think you know which man it came from? Post your guess in the comments section. Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via …

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