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The Magical Mystery Tour

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To promote BAD MOON, I’ll be setting off on my Beatles-inspired Magical Mystery Tour. Here’s how it works: I’ll be signing copies of BAD MOON at dozens of stores across the country. Some are scheduled formal signings. Others, indicated with a ? in front of them, will be surprise stock signings. Each signed book will come with a bookmark that contains a QR code. Readers who scan the code with a smart phone will be eligible for a chance to …

Lisa Unger on BAD MOON

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Authors — especially successful ones — are a generous lot. They want to see others succeed, too. So they’ll offer blurbs to new writers or talk up emerging ones whose work they enjoy. I can’t think of anyone more generous than Lisa Unger, bestselling author of FRAGILE and DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND. She wrote a blurb for my first book, DEATH NOTICE. For BAD MOON, she took it a step further, writing a full review that left me feeling both …

Writing With … Chris Ewan

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Last month while at Bouchercon in St. Louis, I attended a cocktail party hosted by my publisher. I was at a table chatting with several authors I know, but there was one somewhat quiet guy there that I wasn’t familiar with. Not knowing what else to say, I asked, quite stupidly, “So, you’re a writer?” That somewhat quiet guy was Chris Ewan. And yes, he is a writer. A talented, award-winning one, in fact. Chris is the author of THE …