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Writing With … Catriona McPherson

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Today, I present Catriona McPherson, one very funny woman and a great writer to boot. Catriona is a recovering academic, now a full-time writer, recently transplanted from southern Scotland to northern California.  Her Dandy Gilver novels (six and counting) are set in a slightly imaginary time and place, made up of 1920s Scotland and the golden age of detective fiction. Her latest book is DANDY GILVER AND THE PROPER TREATMENT OF BLOODSTAINS. Visit her online at  www.dandygilver.com. Q. Tell us …

On The Road Again

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Pardon my lack of blog updates in recent days. I’ve been traveling. Quite a bit actually. My Magical Mystery Tour is now in full swing and I haven’t had much time to do anything other than promote BAD MOON. (I’m not complaining. I’m so proud of the book and want the world to read it.) Last week saw the release of BAD MOON and a series of events in my home state of Pennsylvania. This weekend, the national part of …


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Another October, another release date. Since BAD MOON is my second book, you would think I’d be used to it. But nope, I’m not. BAD MOON’s publication date feels as surreal as DEATH NOTICE’s did last year. For readers, the release date is a chance for them to rush to their local stores (or, let’s face it, pick up their e-readers) and buy the latest from one of their favorite authors. For authors, the pub date marks the end of …