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Ten Crime Gems

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Last week during Bouchercon, I was lucky enough to be part of a panel discussion about great crime movies in film history. It was a rowdy good time, and the audience really seemed to be having fun. Toward the end of the panel, we opened it up to audience questions and one of them — Tell us an underrated, overlooked gem — had me stumped. It’s not that I didn’t know of any. I just couldn’t think of one at …

Bouchercon Thoughts

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Every fall, mystery fans and authors gather at Bouchercon to mix, mingle and crowd the hotel bar. There are panel discussions, parties, special events, and impromptu conversations in hallways and lobbies. It is always exhausting, never boring and frequently the best time some authors have all year. This year, Bouchercon was held in St. Louis, just minutes from the Gateway Arch. I was able to attend only a fraction of the conference, but here’s what I took home with me: …

Writing With … Alma Katsu

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An incredibly fun aspect of being a writer is meeting other writers. I had the pleasure of meeting Alma Katsu at Thrillerfest in July. Alma is the author of THE TAKER, a historical novel with a supernatural element. It’s been described as an “epic supernatural love story,” and compared to the early work of Anne Rice. Alma has an MA in fiction from Johns Hopkins University and was an intelligence analyst with the CIA and NSA but resigned to pursue …

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