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"Ritter kept me guessing right up to the end of this well-wrought mystery with an abundance of twists, turns and red herrings."

The Star-Ledger

"Part whodunit, part thriller and wholly dazzling, DEATH NOTICE is a nightmare-inducing roller coaster -- and the product of a writer from whom much more can be expected."

The Richmond Times-Dispatch

"A convincingly blood-soaked debut novel."

Kirkus Reviews

About the book:

Murder most foul comes to the small town of Perry Hollow, Pa., in DEATH NOTICE, the debut thriller from Todd Ritter, hailed by bestselling author Lisa Unger as a "fresh new voice in fiction."

On a frigid March morning, Perry Hollow Police Chief Kat Campbell finds the body of a local farmer in a homemade coffin on the side of the road. A gash on his neck has been sewn shut. So have his lips. Making matters even worse -- the killer sent warning of the crime to Henry Goll, the reclusive obituary writer for the local newspaper.

Teaming up with State Police investigator Nick Donnelly, Kat and Henry find themselves racing to stop a madman before he can kill again. It's a task that threatens their towns, their families and their very lives.

With the shocks and suspense of vintage James Patterson, DEATH NOTICE is a taught thriller about a small town in the grip of unspeakable horror.